Depending on your specific operations, you may be able to simplify your insurance-purchasing needs with a package policy. At EJA/Capacity Insurance Agency, we will assess your operations and exposures to determine whether a Business Owners Policy (BOP) or Commercial Package Policy (CPP) is a good fit for you.

Inside the Business Owners Policy

A BOP works for many small and midsize businesses, bundling the most needed coverages into one overarching policy. In a typical BOP, you will find Commercial Property insurance, Commercial General Liability insurance and some level of Business Interruption insurance and many property extensions. Of course, there are other Property and Liability policies that can enhance your protection, but a BOP protects companies from common causes of loss, such as fire, windstorm, vandalism and theft. If you want to insure for flood or earthquake, we can find you coverage outside your BOP. We can also provide you with separate policies for Workers’ Compensation, Commercial Auto and Professional Liability, depending on your needs.

Inside the Commercial Package Policy

A Commercial Package Policy differs from a Business Owners Policy in that you select the specific coverages you want and bundle them as a multi-policy package.

You can limit the CPP to just General Liability and Building/Contents Property coverage, or you can include other policies, such as Inland Marine, Equipment Breakdown, Crime, Business Interruption with Extra Expense and others.

EJA/Capacity Insurance Agency also provides coverage extensions for various expenses, such as debris removal, valuable papers, and outdoor property and signs, just to list a few. A Commercial Package Policy is very flexible and highly responsive to your company’s particular needs.