EJA/Capacity Insurance Agency offers Commercial Umbrella/Excess insurance to businesses, providing coverage beyond the traditional policy limits of your underlying Liability policies for an extra cushion of protection in the event of a serious or catastrophic accident or loss. We recommend that all businesses purchase a Commercial Umbrella policy, even when strict safety practices and written policies are in place, to prevent and mitigate risks. You still run the risk of facing unforeseen exposures that can negatively impact your bottom line.

Safeguard Your Business Against Large Liability Awards with Umbrella Insurance

While your Commercial General Liability, Commercial Auto Liability, Employers Liability and other underlying Liability policies will respond in the event of a covered accident or injury for which your business is found responsible, you may not have enough limits of coverage to cover the loss — for example, in the case of a death or permanent disability.

Our Commercial Umbrella/Excess policies are designed to extend the limits you have in your underlying Liability policies for third-party bodily injury and property damage.

Speak with one of our professional representatives today to review your portfolio to ensure you have the proper coverage. We can help protect the financial future of your company by covering damages that exceed the limits of your underlying Liability insurance.