Although you have purchased Homeowners and/or Auto insurance policies, when it comes to having greater liability protection we suggest adding a Personal Umbrella policy to the mix. Your primary insurance policies will respond for a covered liability loss up to the policy limits, but in today’s litigious climate, that may not be enough should a serious accident or injury occur and you’re found responsible. A Personal Umbrella policy increases your liability coverage substantially.

How Umbrella Insurance Works

Let’s say, for example, your car insurance policy has a $500,000 liability limit. If you have an Umbrella policy of $1 million, and you cause an accident that exceeds the $500,000 limit on your Auto policy, your Umbrella insurance can cover the remainder, up to $1 million. In essence, Umbrella insurance is designed to kick in when a loss and the subsequent liability limits of an Auto or Homeowners insurance policy are exhausted.

You may not think you need this coverage but anyone who has assets to protect currently or in the future, owns or rents a home, or drives a vehicle, has a boat, motorcycle, ATV or RV can benefit from Umbrella coverage. In addition, our staff will tailor an Umbrella policy that works for you based on your specific financial circumstances. For those with significant assets, we can provide higher limits.